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The Start
cafsurfine wrote in cafsur_travels
This plan started on Sunday 6th January 2013 at a Denny's out by the Beach with my cousin Melanie on one of our weekly night drives. The weather was cold and drizzly and the perfect time for driving.. The first installment of the Hobbit movies had provided us with the most excellent of late night breakfasts and it all started with Melanie asking me the strangest of questions: "Katie, how long do you plan to stay at Walmart?"
The oddity of the question and the lead up to discussions of a subsequent road trip lead us to the most daring of ideas:

Mega Cousin plans East to West. AKA The American Gods Las Vegas California Oregon Road Trip- There and Back Again

The tentative plan is that by 2016 Melanie and I take a 2 month( road trip across America East to West following the road stops presented in American Gods and ending up in Las Vegas. Then proceeding home by passing through San Antonio,TX and New Orleans, LA
main locations of interest to stop on the trip
1 House on the Rock, Spring Green, WI
2 Cairo, IL
3 Chicago, IL
4 Lebanon, KS(the geographic center of the US
5 World Tree (one hour south of Blacksburg, VA)
6 Rock City, Lookout Mountain, GA
7 Menomonie Falls, WI(which seems to be the closest manifestation to the fictious Lakeside, WI)

(other places mentioned of interest and of passing through Red Bud, IL, St.Louis, IL, El Paso, IL, Madison, WI, Sioux Falls, SD, Cherryville, KS(birthplace of silent film star Louise Brooks), Blacksburg, VA, Minneapolis, MN, Fort Pierce, FL, Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, Boulder, CO, Dallas, TX, Providence, RI, Las Vegas, NV)

Want to take Route 66 for a leg of the journey.

Recommending we save up at least 2600 to 3000 for the trip minimum(this is also for paying bills on things before leaving). Mostly sleeping in the car, only want to get a hotel for Chicago, Las Vegas, and NewOrleans. I mean if we find cheap places or hostels on the way we should take them but this is a road trip.

This is all probably completely unreasonable and we shall laugh at it later but every plan needs a start.

And this is a doozy


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