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Creating and documenting the experience..
cafsurfine wrote in cafsur_travels
Creating and documenting the experience..

Along side this road trip I want to make a daily effort to create a lot of work and art. So I plan on creating a list of goals that I will have to accomplish everyday on the trip..

-take at least 5 photographs(unrelated to the photographs of everything else I will be taking to document the trip
-to draw something I see while on the road daily
-create a page in an art journal daily
-knit, crochet, or loom something(possibly figure out how to granny square and do at least one a day)
-Update Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LiveJournal once a day(if not near wifi at least make an entry to post later when wifi is available) posting updates on locations and feeling during the journey.
-Keep an ongoing list of all of the music we listen to while on the road and post it daily
-update youtube twice a week
-try to start on a script and outline for a webcomic which will update 3 times a week. And hopefully have a year outline finished by the end of the trip. I have been coming up with abstract ideas for a few different webcomics but I want to see if I can make a script and flesh out a years worth of work.
-To post the menu of what me an mel are eating daily while on the road and pictures of the food.
posting the name, location, and possibly and picture of the menu of every restaurant we stop at.
-also the name, location, room and front sign of every hotel we stay at
-watching movies related to the places we are visiting and cult films on travelling culture. And -posting a list of what we are watching, when, where, and why.
-besides that I plan on trying my hand at selling our work while on the road
-I also plan to hunt down various art works on our travels and documenting what we find, whether just remnants of famous piece or sculptures we find
-And a daily self portrait of melanie and I, as well as a photo taken by eachother and a timer photograph of us together.

I will try to flesh out an actual checklist so that I can make this a daily routine on the trip. I am hoping this will be a learning experience in focusing on the present and our journey


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